How to Easily Use a Baller, Zipline, and Geyser in One Fortnite Match

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has so many cool and exciting ways to move around the island. There are vehicles such cars which need refuelling at Gas Stations, and grapple gloves found at special locations. There are also Ballers with limited charge at Rave Cave, Ziplines around the island atop hills and mountains, and Geysers that will launch you into the air. One of the latest challenges set by Fortnite is to use a Baller, a Zipline, and a Geyser all in one match which sound pretty tricky! Find out here how to easily use a Baller, Zipline, and Geyser in one Fortnite match.

Completing the Baller, Zipline, and Geyser Challenge for Week 6

The trick with this weekly challenge is to know where to start and where to quickly travel to complete this challenge without dying. The best place to start is at Rave Cave to get the Baller:

baller at rave cave fortnite
Find a Baller at Rave Cave (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Get into the Baller, completing part one of the challenge, and head to Reality Falls. Behind the tree and the waterfall is a set of Geysers. You can stay in the Baller and sit on the Geyser until it launches you into the air:

geyser at reality falls fortnite
Geyser at Reality Falls in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

You can stay in the Baller while riding the Geyser and it still counts towards your challenge. Finally you need to find a Zipline. There is one nearby at Greasy Grove that we used. If your Baller has run out of charge you can also grab a Grapple Glove at the nearby Grapple Station too.

zipline at greasy grove fortnite
Zipline at Greasy Grove in Fortnite (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

After you have been on the Zipline, you have completed all parts of this challenge! We have marked on the map below where each of the locations we used are found:

baller zipline and geyser locations fortnite
Ballers at Rave Cave, Geyser at Reality Falls, and Zipline at Greasy Grove (via Epic Games)

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That is all you need to know to complete this challenge quickly and easily! If you need help on how to use a Baller effectively just follow our Baller guide! Good luck.

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How to Easily Use a Baller, Zipline, and Geyser in One Fortnite Match


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