The newly released Candy Crush Jelly Saga introduces us to fights versus the Jelly Queen herself and challenges us to spread more jelly than she does in particular levels. It’s a really tricky game mode which can go either way – but we’re going to help you make it go your way by sharing some tips and tricks on how to easily defeat the Jelly Queen in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. Because it’s not that difficult once you can put a few tricks to work!

Before we get to the actual tips and tricks, let’s see what you have to do to beat Jelly Queen in Candy Crush Jelly Saga: you have to spread your jelly over the board and meet the requirements posted in the upper side of the screen. However, the Queen herself will make matches, spreading her own jelly and trying to make your life difficult. So it’s double the challenge in the end, and these battles are some of the most difficult levels in a Candy Crush game ever! But they can still be won and aced! Here is how:

1. Use your jelly!

First, make sure that you focus on making matches that already have your jelly: if you create a match with the Queen’s jelly, you will actually help her spread her own jelly and you’ll make things even more difficult for yourself. However, if the match you’re making has both your and her jelly, it will be your jelly that will spread. So the Golden Rule of Thumb here is to always make matches with your own jelly and you’re solving half the problem.

2. Stun the Queen

One of the best things you can use to your advantage is the option to stun the Jelly Queen. You can stun her (she can stun you as well) by creating a match that results in a special candy – doesn’t matter which, any special candy stuns her (she won’t move for a turn).

But the best thing about stunning the queen is that if you manage to stun her three times in a row, now only that she will lose three valuable moves, but your next one will be a special move that will explode and fill the board with your jelly. So it’s worth checking out the board whenever you start the game and focus on making these stun matches, even though one or even two of them don’t actually spread any of your jelly. The effect of third, special move and simply the fact that the Queen won’t get to make any move are simply worth it!

3. Try to combine special candy

If you want the best possible effect against the Jelly Queen, you should try to combine special candy for super special moves. Unlike regular levels, the Jelly Fish is not as useful here, but anything’s better than nothing, so always work towards creating special candy and then try to mix it with another special one. Just remember that the Queen is playing too and she can use that candy for her own good!

Do you have other tips and tricks on how to defeat the Jelly Queen easily? Let us know by commenting below and don’t forget to read this article for some extra game tips to three star all the levels!


    • This only works in Jelly Queen fights. After you freeze her three times in a row (three consecutive moves), you get your special move. Hope this helps.

    • I was wondering that too. She make a three select. Then goes one or two more time before I can do anything sometimes when she get 3 moves she has taken most the screen and I don’t see any special move she made

  1. The Jelly Queen gets extra turns – “stuns” – when she makes a special candy combo. You can make them too & stun her 3 times consecutively!! If you make a special candy combo, it stuns the queen. Do it 3 times in a row, & you get a special move – your 4th move makes like an explosion! If you manage a 4th special candy combo, you’ll make even more jelly!


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