Home Game Guides How to Easily Beat Susurrus in Forspoken – Boss Fight Guide

How to Easily Beat Susurrus in Forspoken – Boss Fight Guide

How to Easily Beat Susurrus in Forspoken – Boss Fight Guide
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Even though most bosses in Forspoken are a piece of cake, fighting the main boss might be challenging, even for the most experienced players. And a few valuable tips on beating Susurrus might come in handy even for professionals. Read this guide, and you will find out how to easily beat Susurrus in Forspoken.

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Beating Susurrus in Forspoken

Susurrus is the final boss of Chapter 12 in Forspoken. Once you start it, a significant part of the world will be locked, and it will be impossible to change your gear or complete quests to become more powerful. Therefore, you should be well prepared before starting Chapter 12. It will increase your chances of defeating the boss.

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While fighting with Susurrus, take into account that the boss has two forms: Murmuration and ordinary. Generally, the best advice for fighting Susurrus is to use your most powerful magic. It allows you to keep your distance and deal damage with the highest effectiveness.

You should be careful when the boss tries to hit you using a big blast attack and birds. These birds can freeze you, preventing you from using any moves or attacks. Therefore, the best option is to use Skip in such cases to avoid taking damage.

Once you defeat half of Susurrus’ health points, he will summon a crowd of beasts that can kill you in a few minutes. These beasts have 100% protection against electric spells. So, you should try to take over with them using AoE spells as fast as possible.

And after beating the initial Susurrus’ in his initial phase, he will enter the demonic shape. During this stage, you should look carefully when the boss is ready to hit you and use Skip once he is fully loaded.

That’s it with beating Susurrus in Forspoken. Even though it is impossible to beat Susurrus easily, the boss might appear much more straightforward if you follow the tips from this guide and be careful fighting against him. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to pet cats in Forspoken.

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How to Easily Beat Susurrus in Forspoken – Boss Fight Guide


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