How to Easily Beat Gorimondo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


Kirby and the Forgotten Land is an exciting game that is gradually making its way to all regions once it releases. There are lots of interesting levels to play in the game and once you finish the Natural Plains, you’ll be able to unclock The Brawl at the Mall.

In this mall you’ll come face to face with your first big boss: Gorimondo. This is a massive ape with a chain of Waddle Dees around its neck. It’ll be up to Kirby to take them down and free them. So in this article we’ll be guiding you on how to beat Gorimondo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


To defeat Gorimondo, you can use pretty much any copy ability once you encounter him. However, there’ll be a mission to beat Gorimondo using the Sword ability, it’s up to you to go with that option. Gorimondo on the other hand, will constantly throw rocks at Kirby, but if you remain mobile, they won’t hit you.

Try to get close to Gorimondo and sneak in between his legs to avoid his swipe attacks. Doing this will also clear a hidden mission. However, be on the lookout for Gorimondo’s stomps because they will often come from alternate feets and sometimes they’ll stomp once. A jump will suffice in clearing out any shockwave that follows.

The second phase of the fight will commence at 50% and Gorimondo will start using a spin attack. There’s not much you can do to evade these attacks other than run away and wait for the giant looking ape to get dizzy.

Once Gorimondo becomes dizzy, you’ll only have a couple of seconds to deal some serious damage. So attack him constantly and it won’t take long for you to take down Gorimondo.

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How to Easily Beat Gorimondo in Kirby and the Forgotten Land


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