How to Earn Tulip’s Trust in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG from Jam City set in the wizarding world of Potter and his friends. Play as a new student, just starting at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and attend classes, learn spells, battle rivals, make potions, and complete quests. Along the way you get to meet characters and make friends, each conversation involving choices that can affect the story. One of these characters is Tulip Karasu, an eccentric, rule-breaking Ravenclaw student you try to befriend in year 3.

Befriending Tulip and Earning Her Trust

harry potter hogwarts mystery
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

After speaking to Tulip in the Great Hall the ‘Earning Tulip’s Trust’ challenge begins. There are three possible answers to each of her questions. One is wrong, one is ok, and one is the best answer. We have written out the ok (in italics) and best (in bold) answers below.

  • Why should I trust you?
    • I can help you
    • We are after the same thing
  • I might betray you
    • You’re too smart for that
    • We need each other
  • Why do you break the rules
    • I can’t let the rules stop me
    • Why do you?
  • Who do you think is smarter?
    • I think we’re both smart
    • I’m not sure yet
  • We could get detention…
    • Not if we’re smart
    • I’ll take my chances
  • Why tell me your secrets?
    • We could learn from each other
    • I won’t tell anyone
harry potter hogwarts mystery
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Answer correctly and you will find out who Tulip’s accomplice is. Together you will find a way to get the key to your brother’s room from her accomplice!

Good luck!

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How to Earn Tulip’s Trust in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


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