How to Earn (Farm) Money in Roblox Welcome to Bluxburg

How to Earn (Farm) Money in Roblox Welcome to Bluxburg

It is probably hard to find a person in the entire Roblox universe who has never heard of the Welcome to Bluxburg game at all. This is the largest life simulator where, just like in the real world, money plays an important role in the social chain. And in the presented mode, this is clearly visible.

Features of Earning Currency in Welcome to Bluxburg

Each virtual character in the glorious town of Bluxburg has four mood types: joyful, hungry, energized, and hygienic. Each need directly affects how much money the hero earns.

So before you get to work, make sure that your character has completed all the actions that could match the aforementioned mood.

For fun, make the character stick to the TV, computer, or book. These actions will keep the fun meter high, hence the hero will grab more dough.

The energy meter can be upgraded with a rest or a cup of coffee, and a shower is the fastest way to replenish hygiene indicators.

Food is a component that combines all four needs. With it, you can forget about hunger and sadness, as well as upgrade the energy meter. Regularly, the hero should be well refueled with something tasty.

What is the Best Job to Choose?

In Welcome to Bluxburg, activity is what you need to farm money. The more intense the workload, the more money you will get. For example, a courier or pizza delivery man for one order will earn more money than a cashier for a shift.

Passive work is easier to do in the game, but its process is more boring. True, it has a slight advantage – the hero can combine it with other activities to get additional profit.

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How to Earn (Farm) Money in Roblox Welcome to Bluxburg


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