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How to Duplicate Items in Grounded

How to Duplicate Items in Grounded
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Dr. Wendell Tully’s latest invention has arrived in Grounded’s newest update: The Super Duper machine! This magical machine can utilize Raw Science to create exact replicas of certain items, which effectively lets players duplicate their favorite weapons and items. Here is everything you need to know about how to duplicate items in Grounded.

Using the Super Duper machine to duplicate items in Grounded

The Super Duper machine is found in the Oak Lab, right next to BURG.L’s office. If you have not already done so, you need to activate the SPAC.R platform near the beginning of the game to blow open the door to the Oak Lab.

You need to recover a Duper Disk before you can use the Super Duper machine. Do not worry about having to explore the world far and wide, as they are located within the labs, which you naturally explore over the course of the main story.

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As an example of the Duper Disks being easy to find, the first Duper Disk is found within the Hedge Lab, which is usually the first major lab players visit. BURG.L outright tells you to start there, just in case it was not clear.

Once you insert the first Duper Disk, you can start using the Super Duper machine, but in limited capacity. Every duplication process costs Raw Science, with higher-tier items requiring more.

The Super Duper machine is limited by its processing limit, so if an item requires more than the current processing limit, you need to recover another Duper Disk to increase the maximum processing limit.

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Duplication can end up costing you tons of Raw Science, so is it even worth it? It is worth mentioning that duplicated weapons maintain their upgraded status, so if you have a weapon you have invested a lot of upgrade materials into, the duplicated copy will have that same upgrade level. This feature alone can be worth it, depending on your situation.

Duplicating high-tier weapons and rare accessories is the best thing you can do with the Super Duper machine. In co-op situations, this can help cut down on having to farm for upgrade materials, as you can just give your friend a duplicate of your powerful weapon. The Super Duper machine has endless possibilities—what will you use it for?

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How to Duplicate Items in Grounded


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