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How to Defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded

How to Defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded
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Grounded’s fantastically named SUPER DUPER GAME update is here, also known as the 1.2 patch. This massive update adds a plethora of fresh features, with one of the standouts being the new Wasp creatures, along with a brand-new boss, the Wasp Queen.

If these flying jerks have ever bothered you in real life, it is time to enact revenge against the winged menace! Here is how to defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded.

Where to find the Wasp Queen in Grounded

Before you can engage the Wasp Queen and her flying brood, you must anger them enough to reveal themselves. The new update adds several small Wasp nests to the upper yard, and here are the ones we have discovered:

  • A nest is sitting right below the desk where the JavaMatic is.
  • A nest is found on the tool box to the east of the JavaMatic desk.
  • A nest is located on one of the roots of the rotting stump near the northeastern corner.
  • A nest is hanging off of the long branch near the southeastern corner of the upper yard.

Go to any of these nests to find about three Wasps flying around. Kill all the Wasps, then hit the nest itself a couple of times to make it fall to the ground, where you can break it for good. Breaking the nests rewards you with Wasp Paper.

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Once you have killed enough Wasps and nests, you should see a message about how the Wasps want you gone, similar to when other bugs are mad at you.

Go to sleep at any bed to trigger a cutscene where the Wasp hive breaks through a small tunnel and flies into the yard. Notice that the Wasps break out of the big chest that is next to the JavaMatic; this is where the hive is located. Here is the entrance tunnel, in case you missed it.

Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

Explore the chest, also known as the Brawny Boy Bin. There is a memo found in the Wasp Queen’s egg lair, which unlocks the Bee Bee Q Medley recipe, an item needed to summon the Wasp Queen. To craft the Bee Bee Q Medley, you need to cook the following in the Oven:

  • Bee Stinger x 1
  • Mosquito Blood Sack x 3
  • Tiger Mosquito Beak x 1
  • Sour Lump x 3

With the Bee Bee Q Medley in hand, return to the Wasp Queen’s lair, and place it within the eggs, then prepare to battle it out to the death with the queen of the skies!

Defeating the Wasp Queen in Grounded

Before diving into the hive, arm yourself to the teeth and prepare for a tough battle. The Wasp Queen, similar to the Wasps and Wasp Drones, is weak to salty damage, but resistant to chopping, stabbing, slashing, explosive, and spicy damage.

The Wasps beings weak to salty damage means that you should bring weapons like the Salt Morning Star, Mint Mace, Club of the Mother Demon, and Salt Arrows. Any weapon that has been upgraded enough to get the salty infusion works as well.

Once you place the Bee Bee Q Medley into the eggs, the Wasp Queen descends into the lair and seals the exit with paper, meaning it is a fight to the death!

The Wasp Queen’s fighting style is similar to the regular Wasps. She can launch stingers at you from afar, and zip up close to you for rapid stinger stabs. She may also try to disorient you by zooming around the hive before going in for a quick stab, so be ready to react.

Image via Xbox Game Studios/Obsidian Entertainment

Eventually, she starts lobbing poison globs at you, which explode on contact. These can inflict you with a strong poison, so we highly recommend using the Mithradatism mutation for this battle.

Once you have done enough damage to her, or she has used enough attacks, the Wasp Queen lands on the ground to take a breather. This is your chance to get some big hits in with your strongest melee weapons, so go for it!

At around 50% health, the Wasp Queen lets out a shriek and summons the rest of the hive to assist her in battle. She usually calls in Wasps, but sometimes a Wasp Drone can show up. Defeat these summoned Wasps as soon as possible, as you can get overwhelmed very easily.

When the Wasp Queen is low on health, she does not gain any new moves, but she attacks more frequently, takes less damage, and summons more Wasps whenever she shrieks. Keep attacking and use your Bandages and Smoothies to stay healthy, and you should be able to conquer the Wasp Queen!

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How to Defeat Wasp Queen in Grounded


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