How to Do Perfect Serves in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis


Nintendo Switch Sports is a game that is very easy to pick and play, but its straightforward nature did not prevent the developers from including some special techniques in select sports that only the best players will be able to use.

Among these techniques are Perfect Serves in tennis. Here’s how to do them consistently.

How to Do Perfect Serves in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis

Perfect Serves in Nintendo Switch Sports are quick services that will make the ball move faster, and so are perfect to make life harder for your opponent. Additionally, if you are looking to farm for some additional points, you should be doing as many Perfect Serves as possible when playing online, as you can get a 1.1 points multiplier for doing so.

Doing Perfect Serves in Nintendo Switch Sports is mostly a matter of timing. To do them, you will have to hit the ball right as it reaches the highest point during a serve. As the ball’s time in the air is consistent, you can essentially count to find the exact moment when it should be hit. In addition, you will want to practice hitting serves with your wrist, and not with your entire arm, as the wrist motion is obviously faster. You will know you have done a Perfect Serve if the trail behind the ball turns red, so continue practicing until all your serves turn into Perfect Serves to become a true pro at tennis in Nintendo Switch Sports!

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How to Do Perfect Serves in Nintendo Switch Sports Tennis


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