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How To Do Naval Invasions in Victoria 3

How To Do Naval Invasions in Victoria 3

On this page, we have all that you need to know about how to do a Victoria 3 Naval Invasion and understand how it works. Read below! 

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About Naval Invasion

In order to occupy hostile land abroad, a naval invasion is required. If a naval invasion is successful, a new front will be established in the invaded area, allowing other generals to travel there without danger.

However, enemy ships with coast patrol orders in that region may thwart the original invasion. Note that, unlike the other three naval commands, a naval invasion cannot be ordered before hostilities have begun.

Selecting an Admiral

The first step in setting up a naval invasion is to choose an admiral to carry out the invasion, and then choose an area to invade. Following this, options for the force to launch a naval invasion will be displayed for any generals in the same HQ as the admiral.

  • Keep in mind that only generals from the admiral’s HQ may conduct naval invasions; if the admiral’s HQ lacks any generals, the admiral will not be able to conduct a naval invasion.

Battle Preparations

The next step is the selection of an admiral, a general, and a target state, the admiral and general will each start a countdown that will last 43 days for the invasion -the time needed to prepare the order plus the time needed for the general to return to their headquarters from the front they were on- (if any).

The navy will try to land the general and their men when the countdown is over. Naval combat could start if the opponent is patrolling the coasts with naval forces.

The general will safely return to their headquarters if the invading admiral loses the naval engagement. The general will launch an invasion fight if the occupying force prevails in the initial conflict.

If the supporting fleet is too small, the invasion force will suffer severe penalties to their offensive values (quantification needed: possibly, the fleet needs to be at least as large as the army). In the state that has been invaded, if they succeed, they will establish a front. The general will return to their headquarters if they fail in the invasion fight.

If an invasion is successful, until otherwise directed, the admiral who led the invasion will automatically be tasked with escorting convoys between their headquarters and the invasion.

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How To Do Naval Invasions in Victoria 3


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