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How To Get Explosives in Victoria 3

How To Get Explosives in Victoria 3

In Victoria 3, explosives are a type of industrial good produced in factories and structures. And they play a crucial role in the production of many other military technologies. All the known ways to utilize explosives, and how to get them in Victoria 3, are detailed on this page.

Types of Goods

Pops mostly consume luxury and everyday items, whereas structures primarily use industrial and military commodities. However, there are no hard and fast rules in this situation; buildings may end up employing luxury items while parents may decide to buy industrial items when (and if) it makes sense for them to do so.

MilitaryMilitary buildings utilize items such as small guns, ammunition, and vessels to arm and supply the armies and fleets of the countries of the 19th century. The more complicated and pricey the military products they require, the more technologically advanced the army or navy is.
IndustrialIndustrial goods are products like lead, rubber, coal, and rubber whose primary use is frequently to be transformed into other, more lucrative products. To industrialize a nation and raise its GDP, a reliable supply of essential industrial commodities is essential.
StapleEveryday necessities like food to eat, wood to heat their houses, and clothing to wear are known as staple commodities. Richer people often steer clear of staple products in favour of their luxury alternatives, whereas poor and middle-class people tend to buy them in large quantities.
LuxuryThe things that people (pops) want but don’t really need, include nice cuisine, expensive beverages like tea and coffee, or elegant clothing made of Chinese silk. Luxuries are often more lucrative to create than basic commodities, but they also require a wealthy consumer base because a poor factory worker is unlikely to purchase many mahogany cabinets.

Producing Explosives – Methods

  • Ammonia-soda process is a method that uses an equal amount of coal, fertilizers, and sulfur to produce explosives. 30 coal, 30 sulfur, and 30 fertilizers are consumed in order to produce 80 explosives.
  • The only resource used by the LeBlanc process to make explosives is coal. This technique yields 40 units of explosives from 30 units of coal and 30 units of fertilizers.
  • In order to unlock the Vacuum Evaporation method, a prior study on Dynamite Technology is necessary. Using this process, 140 units of explosives are produced using 60 units of sulfur, 30 units of coal, and 60 units of fertilizers.
  • Brine electrolysis is the final method, and it needs electrical capacitor research, which is obtained later in the game. This process uses 30 units of power and an extra 40 units of sulfur to produce 200 units of explosives, as opposed to the vacuum evaporation method’s use of just 20 units of each.

Which is the best explosive production method in Victoria 3?

Since the price of the consumed commodities and raw materials determines how much each technique costs, there is no such thing as the ‘optimal way’. Additionally, this price changes according to the economic climate of your nation. However, the brine electrolysis method does increase the employment of engineers. Therefore, you should switch to brine electrolysis if you want to create more jobs in your nation.

Importing Explosives

Another way to get your hands on explosives without making them yourself is through a trade. You don’t need to generate the number of explosives you need; you may just import it. You may avoid the inconvenience of obtaining resources by doing this. However, this approach significantly strains the economy of your nation. Be careful since it may potentially cause your country to go bankrupt in the worst-case scenario.

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How To Get Explosives in Victoria 3


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