How To Do Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale


Every time a glitch appears in popular multiplayer games like Clash Royale, it makes headlines. And the new Mirror Glitch is not an exception. Finding an active gamer who does not know about the newest Clash Royale glitch is nearly impossible. Read this guide, and you will find out how to do Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale. 

What is Mirror Glitch?

Mirror Glitch is the newest bug in Clash Royale that allows you to spawn the card near your opponent’s main tower and 3 crowns him within a few seconds. And below, there is a detailed guide on doing the Mirror Glitch.

Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale

Before doing a Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale, you should make a specific deck that will allow you to use the glitch with the highest effectiveness. First, you should put the Mirror, Giant Snowball, and the card you will be using to destroy the enemy’s tower into your deck. There is no difference in what card to choose, but among the best are Baloon, Inferno Dragon, and others.

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Once you have made the deck, go into the battle and wait until you have all 3 primary cards in your card pool. First, use the Giant Snowball to get its version in the mirror. After that, aim mirror Giant Snowball at the main tower of your opponent. While holding the second Giant Snowball, make sure to place a Baloon or any other card you want to 3 crown the opponent. Once the card is on the battlefield, use the mirror to place Baloon or Inferno Dragon instead of Giant Snowball.

That’s it with doing Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale. Also, keep in mind that you can get banned even if you use this glitch only once. So, it would be best not even to try to do it. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of Clash Royale Redeem Codes.

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How To Do Mirror Glitch in Clash Royale


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