How To Do Inferno Dragon Glitch in Clash Royale


Even old video games released a few years ago have bugs and glitches, and Clash Royale is no exception. One of the newest glitches in the game is the Inferno Dragon glitch. And by reading this guide, you will discover how to do Inferno Dragon Glitch in Clash Royale. There is no time to lose. Let’s get started!

Inferno Dragon Glitch in Clash Royale

Although Inferno Dragon is a too specific legendary card that requires a unique approach, it remains one of the most powerful legendaries in the game. Old players might remember that this Legendary Card was released with a glitch in 2016. 5 years ago, it was fixed within a few days. And nowadays, the newest glitch with Inferno Dragon appeared in Clash Royale.

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The latest glitch allows you to place Inferno Dragon just near the central tower of your opponent. After that, you can freely use a freeze and rage spell to finish the battle. And below, there is a guide on how to use the glitch.

How to Make Inferno Dragon Glitch

The glitch works much more straightforwardly than it might seem. You only need to have Inferno Dragon and a Mirror in your deck. First, you should make the mirror to cast the spell and aim it at the opponent’s tower. While holding the spell, place Inferno Dragon and then let off your finger to cast the spell. The Inferno Dragon will be placed instead of the spell, destroying the enemy’s tower.

That’s it with doing the Inferno Dragon glitch in Clash Royale. Keep in mind that the glitch will be fixed within a few days. Moreover, you can get banned if you use this glitch in matchmaking. So, it would be best to avoid using this glitch and report all people who are trying to win the battle by cheating. And while you are here, make sure to check the best Serenity Peak Decks in Clash Royale.

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How To Do Inferno Dragon Glitch in Clash Royale


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