Mario Golf: Super Rush

Despite its colorful visuals, Mario Golf: Super Rush is a very serious game that tries to teach you how to play golf properly. While the regular play modes don’t offer much in terms of teaching, the Golf Adventure mode does, offering you the chance to learn and master several different techniques, including Lob Shots. These shots are extremely useful in a variety of situations, and learning how and when to use them will make you go from an average player to a master of golf. Or as close by as possible.

Here’s how to do Lob Shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

How to Do Lob Shots in Mario Golf: Super Rush

How to Find the Lob Wedge

Lob Shots are not available from the start of the game, as you will need to make some progress in Golf Adventure mode to obtain the only club that can be used to do them: the Lob Wedge.

To get the Lob Wedge, you will need to complete a round of Speed Golf Training in the Wildweather Wood and then speak with the coach to practice Lob Shots for the first time. Once this is done, you will have to find Master Lob, who is located in Bonny Greens. Backtrack to this location and speak with the master to receive your Lob Wedge.

Your Lob Shots training, however, is not yet complete. After giving you the Lob Wedge, Master Lob will tell you to find Master Duff, who will train you in the art of Duff Shots and Super Lob Shots. Master Duff is located in the practice course in the Balmy Dunes. Speak with the second master, complete the training and you will be able to use Lob Shots whenever you need.

How to Do Lob Shots

To perform a Lob Shot, you need to equip the Lob Wedge, press the Y button once for a Lob Shot or twice for a Super Lob Shot. Once you have set your shot, you will see the Duff Gauge appear: press the A button as soon as the white ring gets inside the orange area to perform the Lob Shot. If you press the A button while the white circle is outside of the orange area, you will perform a Duff Shot, a special shot that is useful only during boss battles.

The Lob Shots are special shots that send the ball flying a little higher than usual, at the cost of horizontal movement. These shots are perfect for getting the ball out of difficult terrain or for when you need to cover a lot of distance. Make sure to hit the ball with a little more power than usual to get it where you want as well.

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