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How to do Emotes in Roblox Da Hood on PC

How to do Emotes in Roblox Da Hood on PC

Roblox Da Hood is a popular game where players gain muscle by lifting weights and choose between being a cop or a criminal. Cops can arrest criminals using handcuffs, and even execute them, while criminals robs the banks and shops and try to avoid the cops! If you want to communicate with others you might want to try emotes which are available in packs.

Find out below how to do emotes in Roblox Da Hood on PC.

Emoting in Roblox Da Hood on PC

Emoting is so much fun, and a great way to communicate to other players or express yourself. these animations can be cheeky moves or cool dances, it all depends on what pack you buy. It is worth noting that these are packs paid for with Robux, so they will cost real money.

To buy emotes in Roblox Da Hood you need to first purchase Robux, then load up Roblox Da Hood. Open the in-game store by clicking on the green + symbol found on the bottom right corner of your screen. There are different animation packs to consider:

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Roblox Da Hood toy Animation
  • Oldschool Animation Pack contains Oldschool Run, Oldschool Walk, Oldschool Fall, Oldschool Jump, Oldschool Idle, Oldschool Swim, Oldschool Climb
  • Stylish Animation Pack contains Stylish Run, Stylish Walk, Stylish Fall, Stylish Jump, Stylish Idle, Stylish Swim, Stylish Climb
  • Robot Animation Pack contains Robot Run, Robot Walk, Robot Fall, Robot Jump, Robot Idle, Robot Swim, Robot Climb
  • Toy Animation Pack contains Toy Walk, Toy Run, Toy Fall, Toy Jump, Toy Idle, Toy Swim, Toy Climb
  • Zombie Animation Pack contains Zombie Walk, Zombie Run, Zombie Fall, Zombie Jump, Zombie Idle, Zombie Swim, Zombie Climb
  • Superhero Animation Pack contains Superhero Walk, Superhero Run, Superhero Fall, Superhero Jump, Superhero Idle, Superhero Swim, Superhero Climb
  • Bubbly Animation Pack contains Bubbly Walk, Bubbly Run, Bubbly Fall, Bubbly Jump, Bubbly Idle, Bubbly Swim, Bubbly Climb

There are also individual animations and dance moves you can purchase too. Once you have purchased what you require you will see a list of your moves on the side of your screen. to emote, just click one you want!

That is all you need to know about emoting in Roblox Da Hood. For more information, hints and tips for Roblox Da Hood, visit our guide section.

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How to do Emotes in Roblox Da Hood on PC


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