How to Get Skinny or Buff in Roblox Da Hood – Guide


Roblox Da Hood is a competitive RPG sandbox game where players take on the parts of gang members (Criminals) or Officers. The role of the Officer is to arrest Criminals and the role of the Criminals is to rob shops or banks. Both parties go to the gym to build as much muscle as they can. It is pretty simple to gain and lose muscle mass once you know how.

We will show you how to get skinny or buff in this Roblox Da Hood guide.

Gaining or Losing Muscle in Roblox Da Hood

If you want your character to get buff in Roblox Da Hood, you will first need to earn some cash. Cash can be used to buy various things: weaponry, weights, food. Weights are used in gyms to gain muscle and ‘get buff’. Getting buff increases the character’s strength as well as changing their outward appearance. It takes around 30-45 minutes of weight lifting (depending on which weights you use) to get to maximum strength. Different weights have different effects and cost a varying amount of cash:

  • Normal Weights – $120
  • Heavy Weights – $250

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large weight roblox da hood
The Large Weight in Roblox Da Hood

The only drawback of getting bigger muscles is that you end up creating a larger hitbox for yourself. Your character becomes a tank-type fighter, preferring melee over gun combat. If you have decided that you have gained too much mass and you no longer want to be so buff, you can lose muscle by eating lettuce.

Lettuce can be found at the gym and costs $5. It reduces strength and reduces muscle mass, making the character skinnier. To get your character back to their original size it takes at least 200 Lettuce, which means eating continuously for up to 30 minutes. When back to the skinniest weight, the character would be better in a gun fight as their hitbox will now be smaller and they will be harder to hit.

So that is everything you need to know about getting buff and skinny in Roblox Da Hood. For further information, hints and tips, visit our Roblox Da Hood guide section.

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How to Get Skinny or Buff in Roblox Da Hood – Guide


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