How to do Broken Dagger Glitch in Dark Cloud


Dark Cloud is a classic game recently remastered for a new generation. Players have jumped into this old Playstation game to enjoy its retro graphics and timeless story. Journey with your character, Toan, as they travel through time to figure out the mysteries of Dark Cloud. Experience one of the famous glitches of the game! Find out below how to do broken dagger glitch in Dark Cloud.

The Broken Dagger Glitch in Dark Cloud

The broken dagger glitch increases all weapon stats, except Magic and Attack, to their maximum (99). Other special weapon abilities also change. To get the broken dagger glitch to work for you just follow the steps below:

  • Place Paige’s House with Pike and the Wheel
  • Go to Gaffer’s in Norune Village and trigger the Gaffer’s Buggy event
  • Equip Toan’s dagger (if already equipped, unequip and equip it again)
  • Enter the Shop
  • Move the Inventory to the bottom of the Attachments tab. This will show empty rows at the bottom
  • Visit the Shop inventory
  • Move the cursor Attachments only – not items or weapons or you will crash your game!
  • On your controller, press right on the D-pad and X simultaneously
  • A Broken Dagger attachment will appear
  • Leave the shop
  • Place your attachment on your weapon

The glitch may not work the first time but you can try as many times as you like. Just ensure you have empty spaces in your inventory for the glitched items to appear. Also, when you are pressing right on D-pad and X you may have to keep pressing until the broken dagger appears.

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Broken Dagger Glitch via Flip0024 on YouTube

That is all you need to know about getting the Broken Dagger glitch to work in Dark Cloud! We hope that helped you play around with this classic game glitch. If you love classic games why not check out other retro games we like? Good luck.

Play Dark Cloud now on Playstation 4 by downloading it via the Sony Playstation Store.

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How to do Broken Dagger Glitch in Dark Cloud


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