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How to Dive at Night in Dave the Diver

How to Dive at Night in Dave the Diver

Diving at night is a thing of nightmares if you have thalassophobia like some of us, but it comes with unique perks in case you’re playing Dave the Diver. At one point, you will need to catch some fish that only come out at night, so this skill will come in handy.

However, if you haven’t progressed far enough in the story, you might be confused about how to unlock this ability to explore the watery chasm during nighttime. You don’t need to worry as we bring you all the answers on how to dive at night in Dave the Diver in this handy guide.

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How to Dive at Night in Dave the Diver

To get the ability to dive at night in Dave the Diver, you will have to play the main campaign and reach Chapter 2. This will happen after you complete the quest called Sea People Language Translator and receive the quest A Noisy Customer.

When you’re done with the Sea People Language Translator quest, you will receive a call from Bancho asking you to come back to the sushi bar and help with an obnoxious customer’s request. There, you will talk to Otto who wants Moray Eel Curry. The trick is that moray eels can be caught only at night, but the good news is that you don’t need to do anything special to unlock night fishing.

Diving at night in Dave the Diver
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You will get an automatic notification that diving at night is now available, but there are several things you will need to know about it. First, you will require a Flashlight—and a UV Light will prove to be quite helpful. Luckily, you can get both of those items in previous quests.

Besides these items, you should know that you can only dive once during one night so make it count and get all you need before you resurface. This activity will consume one-third of your working hours. Still, keep in mind that nocturnal fish are stronger and more dangerous, so make sure to go down ready and with good weapons and gear.

That’s all you need to know about unlocking diving at night in Dave the Diver. For more assistance with this amazing game, check out the rest of our dedicated Dave the Diver section here on TouchTapPlay.

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How to Dive at Night in Dave the Diver