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How to Disable a Castle’s Defenses in V Rising

How to Disable a Castle’s Defenses in V Rising
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Your dark journey in V Rising can be against the world’s enemies, or other players. V Rising supports full player-versus-player combat, as warring player clans can duke it out to see who is the strongest of them all. Raiding enemy castles is a part of the PvP process, so here is how to disable a castle’s defenses in V Rising.

Disabling castle defenses in V Rising

Daring vampires can raid other players’ castles and pillage their most precious loot. Raiding enemy castles is a quite the ordeal, so here is everything you need to know about raiding and disabling castle defenses.

Firstly, you can only get through a castle’s defenses during scheduled time frames. Attempting to attack an enemy castle is futile outside these times, which are known as raid times. They can occur at different time windows, depending on the server’s configuration. The most common schedules you might see on official servers are daily and weekend raids.

Secondly, you need a Castle Key and a Siege Golem Stone, two crucial items necessary for breaking through a castle’s defenses. You require a lot of materials for these items, so prepare to farm.

Lastly, before you can disable a castle’s defenses, you have to siege the enemy castle, which is done using the aforementioned Siege Golem Stone.

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Crafting a Castle Key

Castle Keys can be used at opposing Castle Hearts to temporarily disable the castle’s defenses, which renders walls, doors, waygates, and coffins useless. You can craft them at various stations, with each one able to take down a certain level of Castle Heart.

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  • Bone Castle Key is used on level 1 Castle Hearts. Crafted at the Simple Workbench.
  • Copper Castle Key is used on level 2 and below Castle Hearts. Crafted at the Simple Workbench.
  • Iron Castle Key is used on level 3 and below Castle Hearts. Crafted at the Smithy.
  • Golden Castle Key is used on level 4 and below Castle Hearts. Crafted at the Anvil.

The Castle Keys are pretty expensive, so you probably have to farm some resources for them. Craft whatever Castle Key you think is necessary. If you are going after a large and established castle, there is a good chance you will need a Golden Castle Key.

Crafting a Siege Golem Stone

You can learn the recipe for Siege Golem Stones by defeating Terah the Geomancer at the Bedrock Pass, located in northwest Dunley Farmlands.

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With Terah’s blood, you can craft the Siege Golem Stone at a Gem Cutting Table, which costs the materials listed below. It takes about 50 minutes to craft it. Do note that the exact quantity of each material may differ between servers.

  • Stone Brick x 200
  • Gem Dust x 200
  • Scourgestone x 16
  • Greater Blood Essence x 12

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Starting castle sieges

Once it is raid time, it is time to make your move! First, place the Siege Golem Stone down anywhere in unclaimed territory to start the summoning process. It takes about a few minutes for the Siege Golem to materialize, and a server-wide alert activates, warning all players online that you have started summoning.

There is a very good chance that online players will drop whatever they are doing just to stop your summoning. You must defend the Siege Golem Stone while it is summoning, so bring your clan and get ready to fight. If the Siege Golem Stone is destroyed before its summoning finishes, you will have to craft a new one.

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Once the Siege Golem Stone summoning is complete, you can interact with it to transform into a Siege Golem. Head to your target castle, then attack the front door to bust it down. You can be killed while in the Siege Golem, so make sure your clan members are ready to protect you.

Once you break down a castle’s front door, you and your clan members can break in. Some players get crafty with their castle layout, so you may have to break down some walls instead.

Now that you have breached the castle, seek out the Castle Heart. Fight your way through, and once you find the Castle Heart, use your Castle Key on it and select the Disable Defenses option. You are now much closer to conquering the enemy’s castle!

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How to Disable a Castle’s Defenses in V Rising