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How to Abandon a Castle in V Rising

How to Abandon a Castle in V Rising
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Any vampire worth their salt knows that dominance is the key to success, and what better way to show the world you are unstoppable than with a grand castle? Of course, tastes change as time goes by, and the plot you picked at the beginning of the game might not be so appealing anymore. You can abandon it and find a new home, so here is how to abandon a castle in V Rising.

Abandoning a castle in V Rising

In order to build a castle in V Rising, you must first place a Castle Heart down on the plot of land that you want to build upon. The Castle Heart is quite literally the heart of your castle—it must be fed Blood Essences to power your machines, and if it is destroyed, your entire castle goes with it.

Since you have a limit to the amount of Castle Hearts you can build, you must abandon one of your previous castles if you want to build another one. Thankfully, the process of abandoning a castle is pretty simple.

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To get started, interact with the Castle Heart that you want to abandon. In the Castle Heart info panel, look in the top right corner, and you should see a small button with a red X on it.

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Click on the red X button to abandon the castle. What this does exactly is immediately put the Castle Heart into the decaying state, similar to what happens when it runs out of Blood Essence. Just like the button says, this process is irreversible, so be absolutely sure you want to abandon this castle!

When a castle is decaying, all crafting stations stop working and walls and foundations start losing health. A decaying castle is eventually destroyed if the Castle Heart is not refueled, and it is considered officially abandoned by you.

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How to Abandon a Castle in V Rising