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How to Defeat Stone Golems Easily in Valheim

How to Defeat Stone Golems Easily in Valheim

Valheim is one of the best survival games out there that takes place in a procedurally-generated world that’s inspired by Norse mythology. It’s also an Xbox Exclusive survival and exploration game where up to 10 players can explore and thrive.

And like many other survival games, you can craft powerful weapons, construct longhouses and battle tough enemies to prove yourself to Odin the All-father. There are many things you can do in the game as well as many enemies to battle, so in this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to defeat Stone Golems Easily in Valheim.

How to Defeat Stone Golems Easily in Valheim

Like many of the game’s creatures that you’ll come across, Stone Golems have been around for quite some time, and thanks to the recent Hearth and Home update, they’ve been given some higher form of relevance. And if you’re one who wants to get your hands on as many crystal shards as possible, then look no further than Stone Golems, as they’re the main source of getting crystal shards.


The Crystal Axe is a pretty powerful weapon in the game, and if you want to craft it, you’re going to need lots of crystal shards. However, putting down Stone Golems is easier said because they’re tough to beat, which is to be expected since they’re nothing more than a giant pile of sentient rocks roaming around the realm.

Finding Stone Golems in Valheim

So, before you can defeat Stone Golems, you have to locate them first, and the only place that you can find Stone Golems in Valheim is in the Mountain biome. This means you’ll have to endure the devastating cold that comes with frost-resistant potions or the Wolf Armor if you already have it.

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And like many other battles in the game, be sure to head into the Mountain biome prepared with enough health and stamina regenerative items that’ll keep you alive long enough. Be sure to have a solid weapon as well, and an ideal one to use would be the Iron Pickaxe. If you already have it, great! The weapon has the highest damage potential among the weapon types, although it’s not an easy weapon to craft in the game.


Once you’re ready to face them, note that Stone Golems will not move or attack you unless you make the first move on them. So if you’re finding it difficult to locate one, just run up to any pile of rocks you see around the Mountain biome, and it might just turn out to be a Stone Golem.

Defeating Stone Golems in Valheim

Stone Golems have a very high defense against basic attacks and cannot be hurt by many weapons in the game, which is where pickaxes are important because they’re the only type of weapon that can hurt Stone Golems.

There are two types of Stone Golems that you’re likely to encounter in Valheim. One will have spiky arms, while the other will have rounded arms, but they both have the same drops and different attack patterns.

These spiky-armed golems also have a ranged attack that allows them to shoot spikes and swing their arms in a half circle, so keep an eye out for that and try to evade it as many times as you can.

As aforesaid, defeating any Stone Golem will give you many crystal shards, and if it’s not enough, find more Stone Golems to defeat and gather the crystal shards you need.

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How to Defeat Stone Golems Easily in Valheim


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