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How to Defeat Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake

How to Defeat Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake

In 2023, video game publisher EA launched a remake of its popular 2008 survival horror Dead Space. Developed by Motive Studio, Dead Space Remake takes players back to the world of sinister monstrosities known as the Necromorphs.

This time, however, players get to enjoy the game on higher resolution, higher framerates, and a more developed narrative—as well as new secrets that are unveiled along the way. And with new detail and realism, prepare to face bosses that appear even more horrifying than they did in the first Dead Space game. In this guide, you will learn how to defeat Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake.

How to defeat hive mind in Dead Space Remake

If you’re having a hard time defeating the Hive Mind, that’s understandable, because it’s the final boss in the game and easily the most difficult one to beat. And it becomes even more difficult to beat Hive Mind if you encounter it when you’re unprepared, before getting to stack up on ammo and health.


And even if you are prepared, it still won’t be easy, considering how the boss’ attacks can deal significant damage to you if you don’t evade them. So, to defeat Hive Mind, the first thing you should do is carry as much ammo and resources as you can.

We also suggest spending your credits on health packs and ammo, unless, of course, you plan on starting New Game Plus using those credits. But even then, you shouldn’t worry much about that, because you get 50,000 credits once you beat Hive Mind and complete the game.

Defeating Hive Mind

Once the fight has started, carefully observe the glowing hotspots across its face and focus on them early on by shooting each one until they explode. Be careful from that point on, because the Hive Mind will then start throwing its tentacles at you—and if you fail to dodge, it will inflict heavy damage on you or possibly kill you. You can evade the tentacles by running side to side when you notice the beast wants to swing at you.


After blowing up all the hotspots, the Hive Mind will then spit out explosive blobs at you, which you should also avoid. But this time, there will also be tentacles, making it harder for you to evade. If you have enough ammo, you can shoot the explosives from a distance before they get close to you.

Between every hotspot you blow up, you’ll stun the Hive Mind. You can then destroy the boxes to the right and regain more ammo, as well as health packs. After destroying the hotspots, Hive Mind will get frustrated and summon Necromorphs to the battlefield, and you will have to put them down.

Killing those enemies will bring the battle to its second phase, which is where the Hive Mind will start spraying lines of acid at you. You should evade these and try not to get hit by the swinging tentacles, while also avoiding the acid.

This time, you have to destroy the glowing hotspots in the Hive Mind’s chest, which opens up periodically after you’ve avoided the tentacles and acid pukes for a while, so get ready to aim at the chest when the opportunity comes.

After destroying all the glowing hotspots, the Hive Mind will grab you in the air for a final encounter. There, you will see one last glowing hotspot, which you have to destroy to put down the Hive Mind for good.

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How to Defeat Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake


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