Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise saw the return of many different monsters that appeared in previous entries in the series, but it also saw the debut of several new monsters that look great and fight viciously. Among them is one that will give both newcomers and series’ veterans quite a bit of trouble with its Ice-based attacks and huge size.

Here’s everything you need to know to defeat Goss Harag with ease.


The Fanged Beast Goss Harag is among the monsters that made their debut in Monster Hunter Rise. And what a debut it has been: the monster comes with an extremely varied moveset that makes it very difficult to take down if not properly prepared. As it lives in the Frost Islands, and has a major affinity for ice and cold, it deals Ice damage, inflicts Iceblight with some of its attacks but it’s weak against Fire, so make sure to bring the right weapon to make the fight a little more manageable.

Where to Find Goss Harag

As mentioned above, Goss Harag can be found in the Frost Islands, starting in Areas 5, 7, and 9. The monster moves around pretty much the entirety of the map, so make sure to explore thoroughly in case you cannot find it.

How to Defeat Goss Harag

Winners Attack From the Back

Goss Harag has tons of different attacks that deal a lot of damage, but they are not all that difficult to avoid. As the vast majority of them hit right in the front of the monster, you should always try to position yourself behind Goss Harag so to avoid getting damaged as much as possible. This also makes it easy to take advantage of attack opportunities.

Breaking the Ice

Goss Harag loves to use its ice weapons to attack, but these weapons are not indestructible. Once you damage them enough, they will break and knock down the monster for a few seconds, leaving it open to your offensive. Destroying these ice weapons is not easy at all, considering you would be positioning yourself in front of the monster and risk getting Iceblight as well, but the risk can be worth it in the grand scheme of things.

Wirebugs Are Your Friend

Most of Goss Harag attacks can make you fly and get knocked down, which is something you do not want to happen here, as follow-up attacks can potentially kill you. As such, you should always have Wirebugs available to use for emergency escapes.

Iceblight Negated

The Goss Harag Ice Weapons attack deal Ice damage but also inflict Iceblight, which is something you want to avoid at all costs, as you need to regenerate the Wirebug gauge as much as possible during this fight. As such, make sure you come prepared for the fight by bringing Nulberries, which are used to negate this extremely annoying ailment.

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