Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise featured tons of different monsters at launch, but it seems like the number of monsters included wasn’t enough for Capcom, as the Japanese developer added more to the game after launch with free updates.

Among the monsters added after launch with the 2.0 Update is Bazelguese, one of the strongest monsters in the game. Here’s everything you need to know to take it down.


Bazelgeuse is a Flying Wyvern that made its debut in Monster Hunter World, but the monster seems determined to stay memorable in Monster Hunter Rise as well, as it is one of the strongest monsters included in the game. Weak to Thunder, Ice, and Dragon and capable of dealing Fire damage, bringing the right gear for the hunt is of extreme importance here, as Bazelguese definitely doesn’t fool around.

Where to Find Bazelgeuse

Bazelguese can appear in the Shrine Ruins, Sandy Plains, Lava Caverns, Frost Islands and Flooded Forest. In the Shrine Ruins, its starting Area is Area 7; in the Sandy Plains, Areas 7, 5, and 10; in the Lava Caverns Area 12; in the Frost Islands Area 6; in the Flooded Forest Areas 9 and 10. Bazelguese moves around a lot, so it’s unlikely you will always find it in the starting areas.

How to Defeat Bazelguese

Bring the Right Gear

Before taking a look at different strategies to take down Bazelgeuse, we have to highlight how important having the right gear is to take the monster down. For starters, you should have the best possible armor you can craft at any given moment and that can protect you against Fire damage: Bazelguese hits extremely hard, and you need to reduce received damage as much as possible.

Given the monster’s great size and surprising mobility, it’s also very difficult to fight it in close range properly. Ranged weapons, on the other hand, let you fight from a distance, which is definitely preferred, especially if you are not very familiar with the monster’s attacks and do not know how to avoid them.

Weak Points

Bazelgeuse has some very tough skin, which makes it difficult to take down. The monster, however, does have a few weak points you can target. The wings and the tail are more vulnerable than the rest of the monster’s body, so focus on these parts if Bazelguese is not enraged.

If it is enraged, then the entirety of its body will turn red and soft, allowing you to deal max damage at all times. However, you should be very careful when the monster turns red, as it signals it is going on the offensive.

Avoid the Scales

Bazelgeuse scatters explosive scales quite often during the fight. These scales are harmless while inactive, but you still need to be very careful as they will eventually explode, potentially dealing tons of damage.

Red is Your Cue

When Bazelgeuse turns red, it’s ready to let all hell loose, as all the scales it has scattered will explode, and will start scattering more of them as well. At the same time, this is when you should go on the offensive: balance avoiding attacks and dealing damage during this phase to gain a sound advantage and possibly shorten the duration of the fight.

Flash Bombs Against Divebombs

Bazelgeuse’s Divebomb attack can be extremely annoying, as you will be forced to dodge or use Wirebugs to get out of the way, but you can prevent the monster from even executing the attack with Flash Bombs. They will not make the monster get back on the ground, however, so you should still be on your guard.

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