Monster Hunter Rise

Not all monsters are created equal in Monster Hunter Rise. Some of them require careful planning, powerful weapons, and quick hands, while others are way less challenging, and even unexperienced hunters may take them down with ease.

This is definitely the case with Arzuros, a returning monster that, despite its appearance, is no threat at all


Arzuros may not be iconic as some other monsters, but it still a recognizable face, as it has appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. If you have played any of these games then you already know that, despite its appearance, Arzuoros is not exactly a major threat, due to his attacks that can be avoided with some careful positioning and a glaring weak point that makes it easy to take down, even for inexperienced hunters. Bring a Fire weapon to have even fewer troubles taking down this monster.

Where To Find Arzuros

Arzuros can be found in the Shrine Ruins, starting in Areas 2, 6, and 7, as well as in the Flooded Forest, starting in Areas 9 and 10. One very interesting thing about Arzuros is that, if you’re fighting another large monster in the vicinity, he will interrupt the fight to start a Turf War, which you can take advantage of, especially if you’re good at Wyvern Riding.

How To Beat Arzuros

Arzruros has some charge attacks that can be very annoying, as the monster is way more agile than it looks. The tackle is especially dangerous, so make sure to always have a Wirebug to move out of the way quickly. Doing so will give you some time to attack its back, which is the monster’s main weak point. Always keep an eye on what Arzuros is doing while attacking him in the back, however, as it can unleash a very quick slam attack that deals a lot of damage.

One more Arzuros attack to look out for is its grab. This attack can be very hard to avoid, but if you have Honey with you, you can easily distract the monster and get away from it safely.

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