How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile Phones


No matter what genre of games you prefer, visiting Roblox servers, you will surely be able to find what you like. During the existence of this platform, thousands of games in various genres have been created, and Roblox has reached such results since any player can become a Roblox developer and create their own game. You don’t need a lot of special knowledge to create a game, and if you have a PC and a little free time, you can do it. But is it possible to create a game on a mobile device, and how to do it? Today we will answer these questions.

How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile Phones

Having decided to create a game on Roblox servers, you need to install the Roblox Studio program on your device. This program is a prerequisite that you can not avoid in any way. Further, it all depends on your imagination, programming skills, and how well you set up your game.

To download Roblox Studio you need to open your Roblox account and click Create at the top of the page. The Create tab will only be available if you log in through a browser. After that, you need to launch Roblox Studio and start to create your game.

If you want to create a game using a mobile device, we have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create Roblox games using your phone. This requires a lot of processing power, and almost no phone has such characteristics. For this reason, the developers did not create a mobile version of the Roblox Studio program.

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The only way to create a Roblox game with a mobile device is to use remote access to your PC. To do this, you need to download a program that will broadcast to the smartphone actions you take on a PC. Computing processes will take place on a PC, and you will manage all actions from your smartphone. But this method is incredibly inconvenient, and we advise you to use it only if you already have a created game and urgently need to edit something, but there is no PC or laptop nearby.

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How to Create Roblox Games on Mobile Phones


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