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How to Create Coral Reefs in Terra Nil

How to Create Coral Reefs in Terra Nil
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Terra Nil is a beautiful reverse city-builder game in which you have to revive a barren planet and turn it into a lush ecosystem. The wasteland planet is divided into multiple areas. After cleaning the first region, you will be taken to a temperate island with polluted water and land. In the second tier of region 2, you will have to create four biomes: Beach, Mangrove, Tropical Forest, and Coral Reef. This guide will help you create Coral Reefs in Terra Nil.

Terra Nil Coral Reefs Guide

Apart from coral reefs, the rest of the biomes in the second region are easy to make. Most players struggle with creating coral reefs. To make coral reefs, you will first have to unlock the monorail node and place it around the map. The Coral Lab building will be available after placing the monorail nodes.

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While placing monorail nodes across your map, make sure they are all connected and are close to oceans. After creating monorail nodes, you will have to create a Coral Lab. This building costs only 10 resources but needs to be built on an Irrigator. After building a Coral Lab, use the monorail to move it into clean oceans to create Coral Reefs.

You will have to create multiple Coral Labs and deploy them to the oceans to get a complete 100% Coral Reef ecosystem. This region features oceans far from lands, which can make the water purifying process difficult. You can use a Sandbank to create land masses and use the new area to purify water. After purifying oceans, you can start creating Coral Reefs without any problems.

That’s it! The Coral Reef biome is easy to focus on after you are done with making Beach, Mangrove, and Tropical Forest. As you start spreading the coral reefs, various marine creatures will begin to come back. After getting 100% completion on biomes, tier 3 will begin where you have to recycle buildings and bring back the wildlife to the newly created ecosystem.

Terra Nil is available on mobile devices through Netflix Games and on PC. You can check out the system requirements for Terra Nil here.

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How to Create Coral Reefs in Terra Nil


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