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Where to Find the Beaver in Terra Nil

Where to Find the Beaver in Terra Nil
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On the days when it feels like the whole world is on fire, you can fire up Terra Nil and engage in some ecological work (but, hey, also recycle in real life, too). The advanced science of Terra Nil allows you to turn barren land into beautiful, healthy biomes that teem with wildlife.

If you play your cards right, you will have a chance to observe narwhals, panda bears, flamingos, sharks, timber wolves, and many more denizens of the wild. Maybe beavers are not as exotic as manta rays or flamingos, but they’re valuable parts of their ecosystem. If you’re wondering where to find the beaver in Terra Nil, you’ve come to the right guide!

How to Find Animals in Terra Nil

To unlock any animals in Terra Nil, you will first need to do some purifying work and get to the third stage of biome rehabilitation. After all, animals need clean water and soil to thrive. The game doesn’t tell you outright what each animal needs, but the Animals tab Handbook can be helpful.

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If you want to observe any animals, you will need to build a scanner and then usually scan different types of tiles (sometimes at the same time) to discover the species you’re looking for.

Where to Find the Beaver in Terra Nil

Beaver in Terra Nil
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Beavers will show up in the Temperate Biome alongside deer, frogs, bears, timber wolves, and geese. Just like in real life, they need wood and moving water, which brings us to the scanning requirements for these cute rodents:

  • In range of at least 20 River tiles
  • In range of at least 20 Forest tiles

Therefore, make sure to grow a forest next to a river and place your scanner so that you can scan both types of tiles in one go.

Enjoy watching the beavers frolic around before you depart and move on to help restore another piece of land. Want to play this game on your PC instead of your phone? Then, check out the Terra Nil system requirements and help save the land on a bigger screen.

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Where to Find the Beaver in Terra Nil


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