Monster Hunter Rise

Each hunt in Monster Hunter Rise can be very complex, requiring you to bring a lot of different items that can make it easier to deal with the monsters you encounter, like healing items, but also offensive items like bombs, Poisoned Meat and many others.

Every time you are out on the field, you are limited on how many items you can actually bring with you. This is done to balance the experience in the best possible of ways, as some of these items are particulalry useful and it would break the game’s challenge level if players could bring how many items they want.

There is, however, a very handy way to get more of these items on the field, and that is via crafting. Here’s how to create all the items you need while traversing the field.

How To Craft Items

Crafting items in Monster Hunter Rise is incredibly simple if you have the right materials to use. All you need to do is press + on the controller to open the menu and then pick Crafting List. In this list, you will find all the items that can be crafted, complete with information on the required material. If you have all of them, you can craft the item right away to add it to your inventory.

If there are items you use frequently, such as healing items, you can also tick the Auto-Craft box which will make it so that the selected item will be automatically crafted once the materials are available. We suggest you do not set too many items to auto-craft, as some materials are required for multiple items, and being left with none when needed will severely limit your options.

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