How to Counter Orion in Brawlhalla – Guide

How to Counter Orion in Brawlhalla - Guide

Even the most powerful characters in Brawlhalla have weak points that can be used to defeat them. People even create special anti-meta builds to reach the best effectiveness in fighting against meta heroes. By reading this guide, you will find out how to counter Orion in Brawlhalla. There will be a specific guide and valuable tips that can significantly increase your effectiveness against this toxic character.

Why is Orion So Powerful?

If you look at Orion’s stats, you will not see a significant difference between Orion, Roland, and other legendaries. Therefore, most beginners do not understand why Orion appears so powerful. The main reason for its power is toxic sig spammers who use it. You can be sure that if you know how to play against them, defeating Orion will never be a problem.

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Countering Orion in Brawlhalla

With an Armored Attack Rocket and Sunforged Spear, Orion has become a deadly machine that can dominate any character in Brawlhalla’s battlefield. Therefore, many people are interested in how they can counter this OP character. Fortunately, everything is much more straightforward than it might seem.

The primary advice for fighting against Orion is to keep the distance as much as possible. Orion’s primary weak side is its long pauses between attacks. And if you keep the distance, you will be able to deal significant damage to Orion while it is on a cooldown.

Also, you should perfectly learn Orion’s attacking combinations. Even though it might sound strange, Orion typically uses the same combination of moves every round. Therefore, the best option is to play against it as much as possible to perfect your skills.

That’s it while countering Orion in Brawlhalla. Even though this character is toxic, you can easily defeat Orion being a beginner if you use the appropriate strategy. Just practice a lot, and you will reach the desired result. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to reach wave 26 in Brawlhalla Horde Mode.

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How to Counter Orion in Brawlhalla – Guide


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