How to Counter Electro Giant in Clash Royale

How to Counter Electro Giant in Clash Royale

Before the update, Electro Giant was one of the worst cards in Clash Royale. After rebalancing, it became one of the best cards in the game. Probably, it is the most widely used card in the game after Hog Rider. Despite the high elixir cost, it’s an over-effective card. Some people call it the best card in the game. Why is it so? This giant has a zap effect and can attack many minions at the same time. It also can damage air units, therefore it is good at defending itself. And how to counter this Tier S card?

How to Defend From Electro Giant in Clash Royale

So, all you should know is that low-hp minions badly kill Electro Giant. Also, Inferno tower and Inferno dragon counter the Giant badly as well. And what to use? 

  1. The best card to counter is Mini Pekka. It costs only 4 elixirs and can easily kill the giant before it starts damaging the tower.
  2. When you are playing some air deck, use Musketeer to kill the giant. However, in this case, the giant will still damage the tower.
  3. If you are at Legendary arena or higher, use Fisher to unlock the main tower and counter the Electro Giant as well.

Also, you should understand that high-cost cards with great damage such as Pekka, Mega Knight, and Three Musketeers could kill the Giant as well. However, it will cost the same elixir as Electro Giant costs and will be less effective than 3 previous cards.

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How to Counter Electro Giant in Clash Royale


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