Monster Hunter Rise

While using potions and other items to restore health and stamina in Monster Hunter Rise is all well and good, there may be times when you are out of items while on the field and have no way to restore your stats ahead of the big fights against powerful monsters. This is where cooking comes in: thanks to the ever-useful BBQ spit, you can cook meat on the field, and obtain items that can make the difference between life and death in a pinch.

How To Cook Well-Done Steaks In Monster Hunter Rise

As already mentioned, you need the BBQ Spit in order to cook meat while on the field. To use the item, hold the L button and then the A or Y button to scroll through your inventory. Once you find the spit, you can press Y to begin cooking, but only if you have raw meat in your possession. This is usually found by carving the small monsters on the field.

Once your BBQ Spit is out, and you have raw meat to cook, you can begin cooking. The game will present you with a very simple rhythm mini-game where you have to press the A button at the right time to get a Well-Done Steak. While following the music works well, there is another simpler way to obtain a Well-Done Steak: wait for the spit to rotate four times and then press the A button right as the fifth rotation is starting. If you wait too long, you will get a Burnt Steak, which is an unreliable item that could either restore or drain your stamina. If you press the A button too soon, you will get a Rare Steak, which only restores your Stamina partially. The Well-Done Steak restores all of it, making it an invaluable item to have with you at all times.

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