How to Cook Salted Salmon in Rune Factory 5


Rune Factory 5 is an RPG by Hakama Inc, published by Marvelous for Nintendo Switch. It involves farming, crafting, and building relationships with many different characters, with a chance of dating and even marrying them! To gain friendship that could lead to something more, players must gift different items and food to their prospective date. Each character has different likes and dislikes, and things they absolutely love. Players have to find or make the thing that particular character loves the most and offer it as a sign of affection. Foods also boost stats of the player when they eat it. One such food stuff is Salted Salmon- a cooked fish dish. Find out more below!

Cooking Salted Salmon in Rune Factory 5

Salted Salmon is a dish that can be made, eaten, sold, or bought. It boosts a player’s stats when eaten:

Salted SalmonHP recovery +1800
Max RP +40
INT +18
Costs 1200G
Sells For 370G

To make Salted Salmon Players must be at Skill Level 17 and have a Frying Pan. To gain a Frying Pan players must first get a Basic Cookery License, then visit the Workshop to buy the Frying Pan for 2600G, and is made from 50 Stone and 10 Wood.

rune factory 5 farming
Farming ingredients in Rune Factory 5

Once players have a Frying Pan they can cook Salted Salmon by combining Salmon and Sour Drop at a Cooking Station.

Cooking is an easy way to make money or buff your stats in Rune Factory 5, so getting levelled up in skill, and gathering ingredients is important. You do not necessarily need a recipe to create dishes in Rune Factory if you have the right ingredients and a cooking station and the correct tools.

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite recipes are in Rune Factory 5!

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How to Cook Salted Salmon in Rune Factory 5


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