How to Construct in Jurassic World: The Game

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Do you love dinosaurs? Do you also happen to love the Jurassic Park franchise? Then there is a good chance that you have heard of Jurassic World: The Game!

Experience a brand new adventure set during the events of the very first Jurassic Park movie and discover new areas and dinosaurs in this landmark adventure 65 million years in the making!

Jurassic Park: The Game features many different unique and complex gameplay elements that take time to fully master, and one of them is known as constructing, which we will talk about in this guide.

How to Construct Buildings in Jurassic World: The Game

The structures that you construct in Jurassic World: The Game are known as buildings, which provide a source of income for your park. Buildings are constructed with either money or loyalty points used in the Market, or found in card packs.

Below is a table that will give you all the information you could need about every building in the game.

BuildingUnlock LevelSizeConstruction CostIncomeTime Period (HH:MM)Coins per Area per Minute
ACU Security Office22×22,50010000:055
Jungle Bean Coffee Shop52×26,25042000:303.5
Speedy Go Kart Circuit84×5100,00028802:001.2
Power Generator112×213,7507801:003.25
Extinction Roller Coaster155×3140,63015601:001.73
Triple Crown Hotel184×490,0001,4402:00.75
Little Fossil Gift Shop212×226,252,4004:002.5
Jurassic Arcade243×3135,0001,5601:02.89
Solar Tracker253×370,3202,4004:001.11
Ice Cream Stand272×233,7505,69512:001.977
Discovery Dig Site294×4145,0001,4402:00.75
Cloud Nine Balloon Ride332×241,2501,4402:003
Communication Station364×4180,0003,3608:00.4375
Maintenance Facility382×247,5008,82021:001.75
Sky Point402×375,0004,20010:001.167
Amazing Maze424×4210,0002,7005:00.5625
Pterosauria Cineplex453×3126,5701,9803:001.22
Revolution Ferris Wheel484×2120,00010,08024:00.875
Navigator Blimp Ride512×395,6303,7809:001.167
Horizon Observatory533×4397,50015,12018:001.167
Egg Spinner Ride562×270,0002,9407:001.75
Hologram Museum583×3163,1305,04012:00.7777
Wild Waterfalls603×4225,0003,3608:00.5833
Jurassic Drop Tower622×277,5007801:003.25
Dizzy Dino Ride633×3177,1903,36012:00.518
Badlands Amphitheatre663×4247,5003,36012:00.388
Party Hut692×286,2503,36012:001.166
Flying Ride712×288,,7503,36012:001.166
Big Bite Burger Restaurant752×293,7503,36012:001.166
Mainstreet BistroEvent Pack3×32000 Loyalty Points6,7208:001.555
Wildlife PreservationEvent Pack4×42000 Loyalty Points10,08012:00.875
Solar GreenhouseEvent Pack3×32000 Loyalty Points10,08012:001.555
Wind TurbineEvent Pack3×32000 Loyalty Points10,08012:001.555
Natural Science CenterEvent Pack3×32000 Loyalty Points10,08012:001.555
Zip Line RideEvent Pack2×42000 Loyalty Points5,7606:002
Supper ClubVIP Exclusive Pack3×34000 Loyalty Points10,08012:001.555
Heat NightclubVIP Exclusive Pack3×34000 Loyalty Points6,72012:001.037
Pagoda GardenVIP Exclusive Pack2×44000 Loyalty Points5,7608:001.555

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How to Construct in Jurassic World: The Game


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