How to Completely Destroy Turrets with a Remote Explosive in Fortnite


Chapter Three Season Two of Fortnite is coming to a conclusion and week seven has introduced new seasonal quests that players can complete to earn lots of cool and existing rewards. Among the quests, players are tasked with destroying turrets using remote explosives.

Remote explosives are Rare Purple items in Fortnite that can be found as floor loot and from chests, airdrops and llamas. So in this article we’ll be guiding you on how to completely destroy turrets with a remote explosive in Fortnite.

How to Completely Destroy Turrets with a Remote Explosive in Fortnite


To do this, you’ll need some C4 which you can get by heading towards the east of Coney Crossroads and find Peely, the banana NPC. Peely sells the item you seek for 776 gold and you’ll need to spend some of your hard-earned gold to buy explosives.

If you’ve got lots of gold to spare or wouldn’t mind spending real money on it, then that’s great. Although they can be quite expensive and if you lack the required amount of gold to purchase them, you should try to find them in the wild instead.

Once you’ve acquired the explosives, you’ll need a turret to complete the challenge. You can find a turret on the IO Blimps and even the crashed ones in the water have atleast one turret. Locations like Daily Bugle, Rocky Reels, Tilted Towers, and Command Cavern are also full of turrets blown up in pieces.

After finding a turret, you can place a remote explosive at the base or on the top of turrets and move away from the location to avoid massive damage. Then you can right click to detonate the bombs from a safe distance so it doesn’t affect you.

One remote explosive is enough to destroy a turret completely. You should complete the objective as soon as the turret is blown up, which will grant you 20,000 experience points to level up battle pass.

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How to Completely Destroy Turrets with a Remote Explosive in Fortnite


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