How to complete the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO Sustainability Week Collection Challenge
Image via Niantic

Niantic is holding a mini-event in Pokémon Go called the Sustainability Collection challenge, which is a bit different from previous collection challenges. This challenge will commence on April 20 and continue until April 23 local time during the Alola Season. 

While the Sustainability Collection challenge is underway, Pokémon Go players have to catch a few certain Pokémon in order to accomplish the given objective. With that in mind, here is everything you need to know in order to complete the Sustainability Collection Challenge.

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Sustainability Collection Challenge

Image via Niantic
  • Catch a Cherubi
  • Catch a Grimer
  • Catch a Weepinbell
  • Catch a Gloom
  • Catch a Trubbish
  • Catch a Grotle

Total Rewards: 10,000 XP, Meganium encounter, and 15 Great Balls

It’s worth noting that these Pokémon can either be the shiny version or the normal ones too. Although catching them is not a big deal for many players, as these Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild during this event. Also, make sure you complete the challenge before the deadline to be eligible for the rewards.

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How to complete the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go


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