Best Pokémon to Use to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO


Team Rocket is here, and they’re ready to conquer the world of Pokémon GO! One of the leaders is Arlo, and you can challenge him to a battle if you want to weaken Team Rocket’s influence. Today, we’ll show you the best Pokémon to use to beat Arlo in Pokémon GO!

Best Pokémon to Use to Beat Arlo

Arlo will use three Shadow Pokémon against you when you challenge him. His Pokémon include the following:

  • Pokémon 1: Bagon
  • Pokémon 2: Charizard/Blastoise/Steelix
  • Pokémon 3: Scizor/Dragonite/Salamence

Arlo will always begin the battle with Bagon, then the next two Pokémon will be randomly selected from a set of three different Pokémon each. You can build a team around him yourself using basic type advantages, but if you want some ideas, here are some great counters to Arlo’s Pokémon!

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Arlo’s PokemonRecommended Move TypesRecommended Counters
BagonIce, Dragon, FairyPalkia, Zekrom, Garchomp, Dragonite, Dialga
CharizardWater, RockKyogre, Swampert, Omastar, Tyranitar
BlastoiseElectric, GrassDialga, Giratina (Origin), Kyurem, Sceptile, Tangrowth
SteelixFighting, Fire, Ground, WaterZacian (Hero), Excadrill, Melmetal, Heatran, Empoleon, Regirock
ScizorFireReshiram, Darmanitan (Standard), Moltres, Blaziken, Heatran
DragoniteFairy, IceTogekiss, Sylveon, Zacian (Hero), Dialga, Magnezone, Zekrom
SalamenceFairy, IceTogekiss, Sylveon, Zacian (Hero), Avalugg, Palkia, Giratina (Origin)

Since Arlo uses all Shadow Pokémon, you’ll need to bring your strongest Pokémon to match their strong stats, which is why so many of the recommended Pokémon are legendaries.

This concludes our guide on countering Arlo in Pokémon GO. If you have any other recommended Pokémon, let us know in the comments below!

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Best Pokémon to Use to Beat Arlo in Pokémon GO


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