How to Complete The Road To Fame Quest on Sims Freeplay

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Sims Freeplay is a popular life simulation game available for free on mobile devices. In this game, players can start living as toddlers, teenagers, adults and more. Sims Freeplay lets you play up to 34 sims and control their actions and even the town they live in. As players start making progress, they will unlock various main quests. In this guide, we will help you complete The Road To Fame quest in Sims Freeplay.

Sims Freeplay Guide: The Road To Fame Quest

After reaching level 20 and finishing the Higher Education quest, players unlock The Road To Fame quest on Sims Freeplay. It is a time-limited quest and needs to be completed in seven days. If completed, players will be rewarded with Premium Instruments and unlock a new hobby called Teen Idol for your teenager.

To complete The Road To Fame quest, players will have to clear the following 12 tasks:

1) Buy a Stack of Magazines

The first goal is pretty simple. You have to purchase a Stack of Magazines from the Living Room section of the Home Store for 600 simoleons.

2) Make a Teenager read Teen Celebrity Magazine

Next, you will have to make your teenager read a teen celebrity magazine.

3) Make a Teenager watch Funny Cat Videos

To complete this goal, make a teenager use the computer to watch Funny Cat Videos.

4) Send a Teenager to the Park

Park in Sims Freeplay

Select your teenager and send it to the Park to clear this goal.

5) Create a plan to become famous

Use the blackboard in the ParkPark and select the 6-hour-long option to start creating a plan for becoming famous in Sims Freeplay. On completion, it will unlock the Keyboard object in the Home Store

6) Buy a Keyboard from the Home Store

Now, you will have to purchase a keyboard from the Home Store’s Teen section.

7) Write Music

Use your teenager to write a song for one hour. This will start the Teen Idol hobby.

8) Write 3 Pieces of Music

After writing the first piece of music, your Teen Sim will have to write 3 more pieces. After completion, you will unlock Bass Guitar.

9) Write 6 Pieces of Music

Sims Freeplay write music

Purchase and use Bass Guitar to create 3 more pieces of music to have a total of 6 pieces of music. This will fill up the second layer of the Teen Idol hobby.

10) Write 9 Pieces of Music

Creating 6 pieces of music will unlock the Drum Kits. You will have to purchase a drum kit and let your Teen Sim play it to unlock 3 more pieces of music. This will unlock the Electric Guitar.

11) Write 12 Pieces of Music

Now, you will have to use Electric Guitar to create 3 more pieces of music. After having 12 pieces of music, you will unlock the Microphone in the Home Store.

12) Write 15 Pieces of Music

The last goal is to purchase a Microphone and use it to write the final 3 pieces of music.

That’s it! After writing 15 music pieces, you will be greeted with a congratulatory message and complete The Road To Fame quest in Sims Freeplay.

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How to Complete The Road To Fame Quest on Sims Freeplay


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