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How to Complete “The Lost One” in Contraband Police

How to Complete “The Lost One” in Contraband Police

As you progress through the days in Contraband Police, you may receive dispatch orders from your supervisors, usually asking you to investigate some important matter. You’ll have to leave the Border Post and venture out to complete your missions.

Today, we’ll be looking at the “The Lost One” mission, which requires you to track down a potential kidnapping case. Here’s how to complete “The Lost One” in Contraband Police.

Contraband Police: The Lost One mission walkthrough

You will receive a dispatch call on the sixth day of Contraband Police. The dispatcher will tell you of a reported brutal abduction of a man who was last seen at the Sawmill.

Grab your favorite vehicle, make sure it’s fully repaired, and be sure to load up on weapons and ammunition, as you’ll be going up against armed threats in this mission.

Drive over to the Sawmill and speak to the manager. You’ll learn that the victim parked his car nearby and waited, and that’s when three suspects ambushed him. You can find his car near the Sawmill, so go investigate.

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Look in the backseat of the car, and you’ll find a wallet on the floor. Pick it up, then go talk to the manager again. Go around to the rear of the Sawmill and talk to Dimitri, who will give you a mysterious notebook.

Head over to the Old Ruins. Get your weapons ready if you haven’t already. Once you get close to the ruins, you’ll be ambushed by rebels, so take them out.

Fight your way through the Old Ruins to the large ruins in the back with the black flag on top. You’ll find a secret hideout inside the ruins, with a KGP file on the desk and a note left by Oberankov.

Drive south to the Labor Camp. Talk to Manalov, and he’ll tell you about a troublesome recent transport, Ivan. Head down to the quarry and find Ivan, who should be standing by a lowered platform.

Question him, and he’ll resist. Use any of your tools and smack some sense into Ivan, who will reveal that the person you’re looking for was taken to the Cemetery.

Head to the chapel near the back of the Cemetery, then go behind it and through the double doors that lead underground to find Grigory Belov, the man you’ve been looking for.

You have the option of helping or leaving him. Helping him will put you on the government path, while leaving him puts you on the rebellion path. Choose whichever story you want to experience, and the mission comes to an end.

That concludes our guide on how to complete “The Lost One” in Contraband Police. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Complete “The Lost One” in Contraband Police


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