Contraband Police: Should You Arrest Gavrilov? Answered


In Contraband Police, players start the game as a normal border patrol officer. You’ll start out with checking people’s papers, but eventually you’ll quickly get wrapped up in the middle of a political war.

Rebels are threatening the order of the government, and the story missions force you to take a stand. Today, we’ll be answering the question: Should you arrest Gavrilov in Contraband Police?

Arresting or siding with Gavrilov in Contraband Police

One of the early story missions you get is a tracking case. Government intel reports that Gavrilov, the rebel that killed your captain, was spotted near Vlad’s Tools, and he’s the key to finding out more about the rebels. You’ll have to tail him as he unsuspectingly leads you to a hideout.

Once you get to the hideout, Gavrilov reveals that he knew you were following him the entire time. He invites you to sit down with him and chat about the current political state of the land, and tries to get you to side with him and join the rebellion.

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At this point, you must either arrest or release Gavrilov. These options will change how your story progresses, and it boils down to you siding with either the government or rebels.

Arresting Gavrilov will put you on the orderly government route. This route has you maintain your standing as a border patrol officer, and you will do generally good things, like taking down murderers, rescuing hostages, and maintaining the peace.

Releasing Gavrilov will put you on the chaotic rebel route. Unsurprisingly, this route involves you committing actions that aren’t as clean, such as collaborating with the rebels, pinning crimes on innocents, and doing whatever it takes to break free from the government’s control, all for the ideology of freedom.

Both routes have different missions and story cutscenes for you to enjoy, so to answer whether you should arrest Gavrilov or not comes down to what story route you want to experience.

Once you finish the game for the first time, you can replay the game up to this moment and choose whatever you didn’t choose the first time to experience the other route.

We hope our guide answers your questions about whether you should arrest Gavrilov or not. If you have any other tips or questions about Contraband Police, let us know in the comments below!

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Contraband Police: Should You Arrest Gavrilov? Answered


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