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How to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife
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Think you’re lucky? BitLife‘s latest challenge wants you to prove it, but even the luckiest people need some help here and there, so here’s how to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife.

BitLife: Lady Luck Challenge Complete Guide

This week’s BitLife challenge is all about risking it for the biscuit, because we’re doing whatever it takes to line our pockets with tons of money. For the Lady Luck challenge, we need to:

  • Be born a female in Nevada
  • Become a famous mobile app developer
  • Win $1M+ in casino winnings
  • Win $5M+ in divorce settlements
  • Have the witch doctor cure an illness

How to be Born a Female in Nevada

As always, the first objective on the challenge list is usually the easiest, and that remains true with this challenge. For this challenge, we need to be a woman living in Nevada. All you need to do is when you’re starting a new life, make sure to set gender to female, country to United States, and place to Las Vegas.

How to Become a Famous Mobile App Developer

Next up, we’ve got to become a famous mobile app developer. When you start out your life, make sure to study hard and do well in school. You’ll need high smarts to make this objective easier, so you may want to restart your life if you start with naturally low smarts.

Go through your early education years normally. Do well and stay in school, and keep your grades up. When you get to college, make sure to pick Computer Science as your degree, as this will unlock a bunch of tech jobs for you.

Once you’re out of university, immediately start looking for jobs. Scroll down the job listings until you find Jr. App Developer, and apply to it. You should be able to get it no problem, and if you don’t see the job, you can advance a year or close the app to force a refresh.

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After you’ve secured the job, all you need to do is work hard and keep your performance meter up. Eventually you’ll get promoted, and after that you’ll become famous!

How to Win 1 Million in Casino Winnings

The one thing to know about that is objective is that the 1 million earned is cumulative; it does not need to be won in a single session.

Winning 1 million from Blackjack may sound daunting, but it’s not that bad, as long as you play smartly and maybe have a little bit of Lady Luck’s magic on your side. Start off with small bets, then slowly work your way up to bigger bets to get the 1 million.

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Just be careful though, because all it takes is one wrong move and a huge bet, and you might set yourself way back, depending on how much money you lost. You may want to tackle this one after you’ve gotten tons of settlement money.

How to Win 5 Million in Divorce Settlements

There’s a variety of ways to complete the divorce settlement objective, but first we’ll go over the most interesting method. We’re not sure if this is intentional or not, but you can actually complete this by marrying someone without a prenup.

If you manage to get lucky and get into a relationship with someone extremely wealthy, this objective seems to trigger if you just marry them, even if you don’t agree to the prenup.

You probably aren’t signing too many prenups to begin with, as you usually get the short end of the stick if you do. However, if your spouse is crazy rich, signing one might be a good move. If your prospects aren’t rich enough, this objective actually goes hand in hand with the app developer one.

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Famous people tend to be wealthier than regular folk, which is good news since you’re already a famous app developer. Use dating apps and attend events to meet other famous people. Build a relationship with them, and then propose.

Once you’re officially wedded, all you have to do is file for a divorce. You’ll see what you get to keep after the divorce is finalized, and if you go over 5 million, you’re good to go. We’re not sure if this is cumulative like the 1 million casino money objective, so we recommend trying to do this in one relationship.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to risk your spouse taking most of the money in the settlement, you can opt to hire a hitman and have your spouse assassinated, you monster. The game counts this as a technical divorce, and you’ll complete the objective if you inherit more than 5 million.

How to have a Witch Doctor Cure an Illness

And of course, there always has to be one objective that relies heavily on randomness. For the Lady Luck challenge, the last thing you need to do is have the Witch Doctor cure any illness.

This is easily the riskiest part of this challenge, because the Witch Doctor remedies have a high chance to kill you on the spot. You may want to do this objective earlier in your lifetime to get it out of the way, because nothing is worse than dying here after completing all the other objectives.

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Whenever you come down with something, don’t go to the regular doctors; take a trip to visit the Witch Doctor, which costs a little bit of money. If the remedy doesn’t work and you somehow survive, try it again until it does the trick.

Once you’ve cured an illness with black magic, congratulations, you’ve completed the Lady Luck challenge! If you have any other tips or questions, let us know in the comments below!

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How to complete the Lady Luck challenge in BitLife