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How to become a famous mobile app developer in BitLife

How to become a famous mobile app developer in BitLife
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Ever wanted to make the next big phone app? In the world of BitLife, you can do just that if you study hard enough, so we’ll show you how to become a famous mobile app developer in BitLife.

Becoming a Famous Mobile App Developer in BitLife

If you’re looking to create the next big mobile app, whether it’s a game, social media app, or whatever you can think of, you can do that in BitLife. You’ll need to study up though, because coding takes some practice. If you’re trying to complete the Lady Luck challenge, you’ll need to become a famous app developer in addition to doing things like being a female and living in Nevada.

To get started, start your life off right by studying hard and staying in school. Developing a mobile app means lots of coding with mobile development kits, so you’re going to need the brains to tough it out. Don’t ever skip out on school, and ensure that your grades are high, as this makes it much easier (and cheaper!) to get into university.

Once you graduate from high school and reach university, make sure that you choose Computer Science as your degree. This degree is your gateway to the modern tech industry, and without it, you won’t have much luck getting a developer job. If you don’t see Computer Science on the degree list, just back out an apply for university again to refresh the list.

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Just like in high school, make sure you’re attending your classes and your keeping your grades up. You should be able to graduate from university in no time, and as soon as you do, start looking for the jobs.

The job in particular that you want to look for is Jr. App Developer. This is entry-level position for aspiring app developers, so take it as soon as you see it. If you don’t see the job, you can pass a year to cycle the listings, or just force quit the game and restart it.

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Once you secure the job, it’s only a matter of putting the work in. Don’t skip out on work, try to befriend your co-workers, and make sure to use the work harder action, which can be found job tab.

Focus on keeping your performance meter high and pass through the years. If you’re given the opportunity to take extra hours, do so, but make sure to take care of yourself as well.

Eventually, you should get a promotion to normal app developer. Keep up the good work and you’ll naturally become a famous app developer with time. That’s all there is to it, so let us know if you have any other tips or questions in the comments below. Be sure to check out the rest of our BitLife coverage.

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How to become a famous mobile app developer in BitLife