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How to complete the Joker challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Joker challenge in BitLife
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Coming right off the heels of the Dark Knight challenge, BitLife has an all new challenge for those feeling a little villainous! If you donned the cape and became the Dark Knight, now you get the chance to become his archnemesis, the Joker! The evil clown himself is finally here in BitLife, and he’s got quite the challenge to go with him.

There are a total of six different steps to complete the Joker challenge, so get ready for this one – it’s going to be a doozy! Let’s get started with our BitLife guide on how to complete the Joker challenge.

Be a Male

This one is pretty easy. The Joker wasn’t a woman, so just make sure to start a new life with a male character. It doesn’t really matter where your home country is, so go ahead with whatever you like.

Become a Clown

The second objective requires you to become a clown. Clowns are considered to be normal jobs, so just browse the job listings every day to see if it pops up. The best part about the Clown job is that it requires no formal training, though one must wonder how clowns get so good at making balloon animals. It’s harder than it looks, y’know!

Moving on, the fact that you can become a clown without even graduating from high school is an important note because of the next couple of objectives. You’re about to get into some crazy trouble!

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Rob a Bank with Silly String

The third objective requires you to rob a bank. It doesn’t matter what bank you choose, just make sure that your weapon of choice is silly string. Make sure you have a car before you do this because you will most assuredly be caught by the cops if you’re without one.

Although, this could be a helpful thing if you’re intentionally trying to get thrown into prison. You’re going to find yourself in prison a lot during this challenge…

Kill 6+ People

It’s time for the Joker to do what he does best! For this objective you need to take out at least six people during this life. This can be done at any point, it just needs to be done by you and no one else.

During your early years in elementary and high school, make sure to be as mischievous as possible. Whenever you’re picked on by a bully, make sure to fight back – you want to attack as many people as possible. Our favorite move to do is what we like to call “the zombie,” which is to attack using a bite while aiming for the neck or throat. We don’t know if we just got lucky, but most of the time this killed our target.

Once you’re an adult, you can purchase a vehicle and use it commit hit and runs, or you can just straight up murder people you know from the activities and crime tab. Don’t worry if you get arrested by the cops, because that ties into the next objective…

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Escape from Prison 3+ times

Perhaps the hardest objective of them all, this one requires you to get sent to prison and to escape at least three times. As you’re trying to take out people and rob banks, don’t resist arrest as you’ll need to head to prison eventually.

To escape from prison, tap on the prison tab and the escape button. When you start an escape, you’ll be placed in a grid with walls and empty spaces. It’s you and one guard – you must find your way to the exit to escape.

The guard moves two spaces for every one space you move, so you must plan out your escape route or face the consequences. The trick to these mazes is that you need to get the guard caught against walls, because their AI is programmed to prioritize horizontal movement before anything else.

The layouts are intentionally designed for this kind of strategy to work. You’ll notice that most of them have little pockets that can catch guard and keep them in place while you work your way to the exit.

Important note: juvenile hall has smaller and easier layouts than regular adult prisons does, so you might want to try to intentionally get thrown in juvie earlier on to knock this objective off early.

Once you escape from the prison, you’re not out of the woods yet. After a few years the police will eventually find you and you’ll be detained once more. Go ahead and return to prison if you haven’t completed the objective yet.

With any luck, you will complete the Joker challenge! This is perhaps one of BitLife’s most toughest challenges yet, so don’t sweat it if you don’t get it on the first try.

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How to complete the Joker challenge in BitLife


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