How To Do The Dark Knight Challenge In Bitlife


Everyone knows who the Dark Knight is, and everyone had dreamed at least once in their lives to become him for just one night. While it’s still very difficult to do so in real life, it’s now very easy to become the Dark Knight for as long as you want in Bitlife, thanks to a dedicated challenge.

Here’s how to do the Dark Knight challenge in Bitlife, but be prepared: only the most successful in life can aspire to become the super-hero the world needs.

Dark Knight Challenge Requirements

Here are the requirements for the Bitlife Dark Knight Challenge.

  • Be a male
  • Live in New York
  • Become a CEO
  • Own a haunted Victorian home
  • Own a Lamborghini and a helicopter
  • Achieve multiple black belts

Dark Knight Challenge Guide

These requirements shouldn’t surprise anyone with even just a passing knowledge of Batman. But how do you achieve them exactly?

The be a male and live in New York requirements are pretty easy to meet. Make sure you are playing a male character and start your life in New York. Stats are not particularly important for this challenge, but if you really want to, you can focus on smarts to help your career.

Becoming a CEO needs a little bit more of work. Once in High School, make sure to study hard so that you can enter college, possibly entering some clubs to increase your chances. Also, make sure to enter a martial arts class for the black belts requirements: you will spend a few years in college, so you’d better make the best out of this time. Once you graduate from college, you should aim to enter Business School, complete your studies, and get a corporate job. With your education, it shouldn’t take long to become a model employee and then a CEO.

Once you become a CEO, everything becomes smooth sailing. With all the money earned from your job, it’s easy to purchase a Victorian House, a Lamborghini and a helicopter. These may take some time to become available, so make sure to continue taking martial arts classes to get more black belts. By the time you can afford the house and the vehicles, you will have achieved the required black belts, and completed the challenge in the process.

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How To Do The Dark Knight Challenge In Bitlife


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