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How to Complete the Fleeting Lights Quest in Honkai: Star Rail

How to Complete the Fleeting Lights Quest in Honkai: Star Rail
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We were just reveling in the glory of reaching Trailblaze Level 21 in Honkai: Star Rail when we got a message from Pom-Pom, the adorable conductor of the Astral Express. Apparently, something odd appeared on the train, and we had to head back to investigate.

If you received the same message, you’re on the verge of starting the Fleeting Lights adventure mission, which opens up a new path for you to collect the coveted Stellar Jade. If you’re not sure how to see everything through, here is how to complete the Fleeting Light quest in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to complete the Fleeting Lights quest in Honkai: Star Rail

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When you return to the Express, approach Pom-Pom to trigger a cutscene where the conductor tells you there is something strange aboard and asks for your help in investigating it. Following the quest marker, you can talk to several crew members and interact with several objects that are emitting a strange glow, including a nearby lamp and a potted plant.

However, the object that is responsible for giving Pom-Pom the creeps is the strange-looking mirror. You need to investigate it or, optionally, talk with others about it. When you finally investigate the mirror, a curious masked figure emerges from it—it’s a messenger from the Garden of Recollection.

Long story short, the messenger gives you access to the Forgotten Hall, where you can unlock your lost memories. You should enter the hall when prompted, as you need to clear any stage to progress the quest. The first memory that unlocks is The Last Vestiges of Towering Citadel.

Each stage in the Forgotten Hall has a unique environmental mechanism—the first one, for example, increases your Wind DMG by 50%. Set up your team and win the battle by completing the given objectives. You obtain Lost Crystal x8, Lucent Afterglow x20, and other rewards.

The messenger then asks you to keep their presence hidden from other passengers, but you don’t have to honor that request to complete this mission. You can finish the Fleeting Lights quest by talking to your crew and telling them the truth.

From then on, you can access the Forgotten Hall as more memories unlock and keep collecting valuable rewards, including Stellar Jade.

In our experience, the Forgotten Hall missions are some of the most rewarding side activities in the game, so we hope you have as much fun as we did. In case you run into some other obstacles while playing, make sure to consult our dedicated Honkai: Star Rail section for more assistance with the game.

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How to Complete the Fleeting Lights Quest in Honkai: Star Rail


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