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How to Complete Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha

How to Complete Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha
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There comes a time in every young person’s life when they make the transition from child to adult and start their own life journey. In Roots of Pacha, this takes place in a ritual named the Rights of Passage. As a young person in this stone age life you will start having to make choices and choose your own path, but how does it work and what are the four choices you must decide between? How do we complete the Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha? Read on to find out!

Roots of Pacha Rite of Passage Guide

Starting Roots of Pacha is pretty exciting, and the first thing you are faced with is a ritual welcoming you into adulthood in this stone age sim. Your character is becoming a grown up, and must choose a path fit for them. To complete the ritual you must first speak to all other villagers around you, and then sleep. After sleeping there will be a cutscene and so begins the ritual…

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One by one each villager gives something important, until it is your turn. You are given four choices:

  • Seeds that grow quickly into food we can harvest
  • A fish that I was lucky enough to catch
  • A flower that blooms like friendship
  • A dish that gives us stamina for our day
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Each of the choices alludes to a buff to a specific stat:

  • Plant Growth Speed +10
  • Fish Catching +12
  • Charm +4
  • Max Stamina +20

It is entirely up to you which you choose, but it is recommended that you don’t choose the fishing stat buff as fish catching is pretty simple. Charm is not a bad stat to buff but if you want to guarantee a friendship you can just give them a gift. That just leaves to potential choices during your Rite of Passage.

The choices we would go for would be Plant Growth Speed +10 or Max Stamina +20 as either of these can really help boost gameplay, getting work done faster and reaping the benefits sooner.

Once you have made you choice you are officially an adult stone age villager and can start the game properly! For more Roots of Pacha fun, visit our dedicated guide section.

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How to Complete Rite of Passage in Roots of Pacha


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