Home Game Guides How to Complete ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct in Goat Simulator 3

How to Complete ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct in Goat Simulator 3

How to Complete ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct in Goat Simulator 3

Pilgor, the infamous evil goat, is back to wreak havoc in Goat Simulator 3. Players can unlock the Instincts tab by synchronizing with the Goat Tower in Redneck Haven and entering it. After entering the tower, players can claim their first reward, the Instincts tab. The first Instinct in Goat Simulator is ‘How To Be A Goat’, and this guide will help you complete it.

Goat Simulator 3: ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct

Goat Simulator 3 features a vast sandbox world; when we say sandbox, we mean it. Players can break most things, steal cars, runover NPCs minding their own business, and whatnot. Who doesn’t want to ravage a peaceful farm and time as a crazy chaotic goat? By completing all quests under the ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct, players can learn about different things possible in Goat Simulator 3.

Do a Backflip


Backflip is one of the basic tricks in Goat Simulator 3. Start moving forward or backwards, and then click the jump button to do a backflip. While in the air, hold both the trick rotation and backward button to do a backflip.

Do a Triple Jump

Triple Jump

You can jump three times consecutively in Goat Simulator 3. The third jump takes you twice the normal jump height. You can do a triple jump by walking forward and doing jumps three times without pausing.

Pin an Instinct

Pin Instinct

You can pin an instinct by pressing the Y button in the Instincts tab. After pinning an Instinct, you can see all the tasks you need to do to complete the Instinct on the screen’s top right.

Reach Warp Speed While Grinding

Warp Speed

In Goat Simulator 3, you can find electric poles with wires everywhere. Jump on a power wire, and you will get the option to start grinding. After grinding for a few seconds, you will reach warp speed and begin to travel faster.

Equip Something in All Wardrobe slots

Goat Wardrobe

Goal Simulator 3 features tons of customization for your goat. There are already many free items available in the wardrobe. Fill all wardrobe slots with something to complete this quest.

Do an Emote


You can access the emote wheel by pressing the V button on PC. There are eight different emotes available in Goat Simulator 3. Do any one of these to complete this quest.

Do a 720 Double Front or Backflip

720 flip

This trick is a little more difficult than the triple jump and backflips. You will first have to jump and move the front/bike while going left/right. You will need to do a complete 720 rotation to complete this quest. Try doing a triple jump to get extra height and time for completing.

Use Water to Extinguish Yourself

Burning goat

There are flammable and explosive objects almost everywhere. In Goat Simulator 3, you can destroy a vehicle, activate dynamite, destroy a gas station and so on. You will have to get on fire and then use water to extinguish yourself.

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How to Complete ‘How To Be A Goat’ Instinct in Goat Simulator 3


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