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Is Goat Simulator 3 Multiplayer? Answered

Is Goat Simulator 3 Multiplayer? Answered

Goat Simulator 3 is the highly anticipated next instalment and sequel to the original entry. And although the first game was a lot of fun that allowed players to use a bombastic physics engine to cause chaos throughout the game’s map, it still doesn’t quite compare to Goat Simulator 3.

As players get ready to explore Goat Simulator 3, some are wondering whether the game has a multiplayer feature that’ll enable them to play with friends for a better gameplay experience. So is Goat Simulator 3 multiplayer? We’ll be answering that in this article.

Is Goat Simulator 3 Multiplayer? Answered

To answer your question, YES. The game does have multiplayer. A lot of players would agree that being able to play a game like Goat Simulator 3 with friends makes it a lot more than not being able to play with friends.


In Goat Simulator 3, players can play multiplayer co-op mode with other players of the same platform and only up to four players. Once the game loads up, players will notice additional spaces next to the Goat which allows them to invite three other players to join the fun.

Also, Goat Simulator 3 also supports both local and online co-op multiplayer and below is how to play them both:

How to Play Local Co-op

  • Turn on both controllers
  • Hold the assigned button to add another player
  • Select the user on your system
  • You will now be able to play Goat Simulator 3 in co-op.

How to Play Online Co-op

  • On the main menu, click the Friends button
  • Select the friend you want to join you
  • Click Invite
  • They can now accept and join your game of Goat Simulator 3

That’s how you can enjoy multiplayer on Goat Simulator 3. The game is scheduled to launch on November 17 2022 for PC (Epic Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S.

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Is Goat Simulator 3 Multiplayer? Answered


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