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How to Complete Guild Quiz in Ragnarok Origin

How to Complete Guild Quiz in Ragnarok Origin
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Ragnarok Origin has fun and exciting events regularly, some of which are limited time events while others can be completed at your leisure. There are weekly and daily events, creature hunting challenges, and so much more! The Guild Quiz Event is a limited time event with a specific start time so you will have to load up your game to find out what time it is starting in your region. Let’s explore below how to complete the Ragnarok Origin Guild Quiz, complete with example questions and answers so you know what to expect.

Guild Quiz Event in Ragnarok Origin

The Guild Quiz takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8pm. To join in with the Ragnarok Origin Guild Quiz Event you must be part of a Guild and be base level 25 or above. If you are not yet joined with a Guild just follow to steps below to get started:

  1. Reach base level 20
  2. Tap Menu
  3. Tap Guild
  4. Read Guild descriptions to see which you would like to join
  5. Join the Guild

It is also possible to create your own Guild by following the steps above but tapping Create instead of Join. To create a Guild you must have an Emperium and 200,000 Bronze Coin. Just name your Guild, enter a description and you are ready for new recruits.

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To join in with the Guild Quiz Event just tap on Event at the top of your main screen and find Guild Quiz on the right under Limited Time Events. You will be given a countdown timer so you know how long you have until the event starts. Tap on the event when you are ready to go and it will take you to your Guild with your Guild recruits. You can also just go straight to Guild HQ to get started.

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At Guild HQ Sophia will be waiting to begin the Guild Quiz. While you are waiting for it to start you can trade, chat with the other Guild members. The quiz takes 15 minutes with just under a minute to answer each question. Keep Guild Chat open so you can discuss answers with your friends. The more answers you and the rest of the Guild get right the more EXP and rewards you earn.

Ragnarok Origin
Image via Gravity Co., Ltd.

Ragnarok Origin Guild Quiz Example Questions and Answers

Here is an example of a Guild Quiz which occurred recently. The correct answer is in bold.

  • What is the name of the gang that lurks in the alleys of Prontera
    • White Mask
    • The Assassins Guild
    • Sigil Assassins
    • Z Gang
  • Through which function can spare feathers be break down
    • Recuperate
    • Respawn
    • Convert
    • Dismantle
  • Which damage element is recommended to fight against Ghost monsters
    • Neutral
    • Earth
    • Ghost
    • Fire
  • Who is the Charisma Baby of your Guild
    • Corrithian
    • iO
    • Tommy
    • arcel51
  • Where is the Mages Guild located
    • Eden Group
    • Glast Heim Monstery
    • Honeymoon Island
    • Geffen

Don’t forget to check back every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, to take part in the next Guild Quiz for Ragnarok Origin!

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How to Complete Guild Quiz in Ragnarok Origin