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How to Complete Exposé Mission in DMZ

How to Complete Exposé Mission in DMZ

Exposé is one of the new factions missions in MW2 DMZ that got added to the game with the Season 2 update. It is one of the Crown faction missions that tasks you with obtaining fake Al-Qatala Documents and then placing them at a specific location. 

However, since it takes place in the new Ashika Island MW2 DMZ map, obtaining the documents, placing them at the asked location, and finally, exfil is rather daunting. 

Seeing that, we prepared this handy guide that shares where you can find the Al-Qatala Documents and where you must place them. Learning these things lets you quickly complete the Exposé faction mission in MW2 DMZ. 

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How to Complete Exposé Mission in DMZ

To begin with the Exposé mission, first, select the Al Mazrah map and start a DMZ match. After that, here are the objectives you must tackle to complete the mission: 

  • Extract the fake Al-Qatala Documents from the Zaya Observatory dead drop (0/1);
  • Stash the fake Al-Qatala Documents on the central security desk in the top room of the Ashika Island Castle (0/1);
  • Extract from Ashika Island (0/1).
Screengrab Via H9Official

As mentioned above, you will find the Fake Al-Qatala Documents at the Zaya Observatory, one of the key locations on the Al Mazrah map. You can reference the screenshot above to reach the dead drop.

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Once you have obtained the Fake Al-Qatala Documents, you must exfil it and start a new DMZ match, this time around, in Ashika Island. Afterward, go to the Ashika Island Castle’s top floor. Ensure you are stacked with armor and heavy firepower, as the Castle is filled with high-level mobs. 

Screengrab Via H9Official

You have to place the Fake Al-Qatala Documents near the radio on the table. Once that is done, exfil out of Ashika Island to complete the Exposé faction mission in MW2 DMZ. 

That concludes our guide on how to complete the Exposé mission in DMZ.

MW2 DMZ mode is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC platforms. For more on MW2 DMZ, check out our dedicated MW2 and DMZ sections. 

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How to Complete Exposé Mission in DMZ


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